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Anyone can become a member of MJHmusik.com, even if you are an Artist, Producer or Company, that MJHmusik does not have any business affiliations with MJHmusik. As a member, you will get the latest news first from MJHmusik. You will be eligible for periodic free offers/promo's form the MJHmusik and you will also be able to follow your favorite artists from MJHmusik or any artist that we are promoting on our website.

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If you are an Artist, Producer or a Company and you are interested in collaborating with MJHmusik or would like for MJHmusik to handle your Digital Downloads or your CD/DVD distribution, please choose this option when signing up.

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If you are a member of the Media, Radio, TV, Internet, DJ, Club & Entrainment Establishments, please use this option when signing up. As a member, you will be eligible for free promo's of all our music, as will as advanced copies of our new releases.





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