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1. How Do I View Detailed Information About a Song/Track:
When viewing a Track/Song/Beat or Album, you can view the details of that Track/Song/Beat or Album, by putting your mouse over the blue icon . This will display the Artist, Title, Producer etc.

2. How Do I Find All Songs Recorded By My Favourite Artist On MJHmusik.com:
You can find all songs that were done by a particular Artist, by going to the Artist page “www.mjhmusik.com/musicdownload.php “and search by the Artist name. This will display all songs by that particular Artist.

3. How do I purchase a Download:
Just click on the check box “Buy Now”. You can also select multiple songs by selecting each song separately. If you are purchasing an entire album, you can select the check box from the heading “Download” and all the tracks listed will be automatically selected. You can un-check individual songs that you do not wish to purchase and if you are finished shopping, just click on Add to Cart and follow the checkout steps.

4. How do I Purchase a CD/DVD:
Just click on the check box “Buy Now”. You can un-check individual albums that you do not wish to purchase and if you are finished shopping, just click on Add to Cart and follow the checkout steps.

5. In what audio format are the songs encoded:
All digital download are encoded in the MP3 format.

6. If I purchase a CD/DVD or download a song/album and I do not like it, can I get a refund:
All sales are final. Before you click on the “Buy Now” button or complete your purchase on the payment page, make sure that what you're buying is correct. We have a NO REFUND POLICY.

7. What if I cannot complete the download following my purchase:
We give you a 24-hour timeframe to download the tracks. If your file should not complete for any reason, please go back to My Tracks and attempt the download again. If you do not complete the download within the 24-hour period, please contact our CustomerCare.

8. How Do I Manage My Shopping Cart Before I Check Out:
After making your selections, click on Add to Cart, you will now be able to remove/add items from or to your shopping cart. If there were songs that you wanted, but they were not added to your shopping cart, you can always click on continue shopping to go back and select those songs. After changes are made to your shopping cart, please click on the “update” button for the changes to take effect.

9. How do I Sample Music Before I make My Purchase:
If you would like to listen/sample music before you make your purchase, just click on the play button to hear the song.
Note: you can search for music by Song Title, Artists Name or Album Title.

10. What Kind of payments do we accept:
We accept all major credit cards through Paypal as well as paypal’s echeck. Note: You do not have to be a Paypal member to make a payment using your credit cards. Once you have completed your purchase, you will be automatically redirected to MJHmusik.com

11. How do I log into the site/My Account:
Once you have registered to the site, you can login using your “email address as your user name “and the password you entered during the registration process.
Note: If you plan on purchasing/downloading music from the site, please make sure you enter valid information about yourself. This information is very important and will be used for shipping, items you have purchased.

12. Registering:
During the registration process, please enter as much VALID information about yourself as possible. This information will be verified, as part of our activation/membership policy.
Note: Please see below for the different types of membership we offer, but as you know, the site is for everyone, members or non-members.


Anyone can become of MJHmusik.com, even if, you are an Artist, Producer or Company, that MJHmusik does not have any business affiliations with. As a member, you will get the latest news first from MJHmusik. You will be eligible for periodic free offers form the MJHmusik.com and you will also be able to follow your favourite artists from MJHmusik or any artist that we are promoting on our website.

Artist / Producer / Company:

If you are an Artist, Producer or a Company, who is interested in collaborating with MJHmusik or would like for MJHmusik to handle your Digital Downloads or your CD/DVD distribution, please choose this option when signing up.

Media & Press:

If you are a member of the Media, Radio, TV, Internet, DJ, Club & Entrainment Establishments, please use this option when signing up. A member, you will be eligible for free promo of all our music, as well as, you will receive advance copies of our new releases.
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